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Armie Hammer Confirmed as “The Lone Ranger”

Johnny Depp secured the role of Tonto in Disney’s “Lone Ranger” re-telling long ago. In fact, it was about three years ago that it happened, but it was a matter of finding someone to play the title character in the feature that posed a problem. 

Well, a breakout star has effectively solved that problem, as Armie Hammer will play the Lone Ranger in this feature opposite Depp. We knew that he was in negotiations and that it was likely to happen, but Variety reports that he’s closing a deal with the Mouse House, so it’s official.

Disney isn’t wasting any time getting The Lone Ranger to the silver screen, as filming for the Gore Verbinski-helmed flick looks to begin this fall after Depp and Hammer respectively complete their work on Dark Shadows and The Brother's Grimm: Snow White respectively. Considering the profile of Depp, this version of the story will focus significantly more on Tonto.

Hammer gave an awesome set of performances as “the Winklevi” in The Social Network. That perormance helped him earn the "Snow White" and "Lone Ranger" roles, but he's also continuing dramatic work by starring in J. Edgar for Clint Eastwood. 

What are your thoughts on Hammer's most recent career moves including the Lone Ranger?


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