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Arnold Schwarzenegger Returning for “Terminator” Reboot

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s most notable role to date – other than being the Governor of California – is his role in the classic "Terminator" films. Now that he’s left office, he looks to focus again on his film career with The Governator, a project that will spread across multiple forms of media, but he's also returning to the project that brought him fame.

According to Deadline, he will once again play the Terminator. No one’s assigned to screenwriting duties just yet, but it looks like Justin Lin, who directed Fast Five, might hop on board to direct. Additionally, no studio has the rights yet, but Lionsgate, Universal, and Sony are currently eying the rights.

Though I usually scoff at reboots, it’d be exciting to see another "Terminator" project with Arnie in tow. He might not have much respect in the field of acting, but he’s the epitome of what an action star should be (sorry, Sly).

How do you feel about Arnie making another "Terminator" film?


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