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Arnold Schwarzenegger to Take ‘The Last Stand’ with Director Kim-ji-Woon

After stepping out of the California governorship, actor-turned-politician Arnold Schwarzenegger sought to make a comeback in the former occupation, which would have included a dramatic turn in the film Cry Macho. However, personal difficulties led to an obvious halt in such acting comeback plans. Not for long though, as it seems that Arnie is looking to get back in the game once again.

According to The Los Angeles Times24 Frames blog, Schwarzenegger has been confirmed for Kim-ji-Woon’s The Last Stand, a Western that will serve as the director’s first film in the English language. The film will depict an aging sheriff as he stands off against the head of a drug cartel.

It sounds like the perfect comeback project for Schwarzenegger. Not only does it seem within his realm of action-oriented films, it also sounds like there might be some nice dramatic moments for him to hit out of the park.

Will Schwarzenegger be admired once again, or is this really his last stand with moviegoers?


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