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Arrow – First Official Look at Vixen in Costume

"Here's hoping we see more of her in the live-action DCTU."
We’ve known since December that Vixen would be making a live-action appearance on Arrow, but now a first look at the character has been released by DC Entertainment. Check it out below! [caption id="attachment_79349" align="aligncenter" width="602"]Vixen in Costume - Arrow Her usual hairstyle is a little cooler, but I can work with this.[/caption] Megalyn E.K., who voiced Mari McCabe on the CW Seed animated series Vixen, is set to reprise her role in “Taken,” the 15th episode of Arrow’s current season. In a previous statement, Arrow co-showrunner and executive producer Marc Guggenheim said: "We’re not only thrilled to be further expanding our DC television universe by bringing in the live-action incarnation of the CW Seed hit, Vixen, we're immensely excited that Megalyn will be revisiting her role as Mari McCabe.” No doubt fans who were confused by the choice to debut Vixen in animation are, too. Vixen interacted with both Green Arrow (voiced by Stephen Amell) and the Flash (voiced by Grant Gustin) in the first episode of her animated series. As such, it’ll be interesting to see the show account for that fact, while introducing her to audiences unfamiliar with the web series or CW’s online platform. After seeing how much time was spent on Arrow and The Flash setting up the Legends of Tomorrow roster (to their detriment), it would be nice to see them insert Vixen into the series in a more organic way. However, it may be enough to know her appearance isn’t part of some grand spinoff scheme. Vixen was recently renewed for a second season, with the first season available for streaming here. Meanwhile, Arrow airs every Wednesday at 8 | 7 Central. (To follow up on my caption, since Megalyn E.K. is only slated to appear once on Arrow, they/she probably thought it was unfair to change her hairstyle, which might temporarily limit her acting opportunities elsewhere. If she resonates with viewers and gets a recurring role on the series, however....that might change.)  


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