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Arrow Photo Leaked SPOILERS

Last week there was a photo taken on set of the hit TV show Arrow. It revealed a woman dressed up in a Deathstorke costume. If you look closely you can tell that this woman is Summer Glau, who plays Isabella Rasputin on the show. Last week's episode just revealed that she is working with Deathstorke. This picture makes sense to pop up right after the "Deathstroke" episode. A speculation I have about the leaked picture is that this proves my theory that Isabella Rasputin is actually Rose Wilson AKA Deathstroke's daughter in disguise. Summer Glau is dressed up as Ravager in that picture. Rose Wilson was the second Ravager in the comic books. Do you think Isabella could be Ravager? What do you think of the leaked photo? Any other speculations? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.  



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