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Arrow Writers Become the New Creative Team for Green Arrow Series

Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino have been the creative team for Green Arrow since issue 17 and it has been a praised run. However, DC announced that there will be a new creative team for the book starting in October. Andrew Kreisberg and Ben Sokolowski, writers for Arrow,  will be the new writers for the Green Arrow series. Daniel Sampere will be the artist for the series. They will start writing the series with issue 35.


The new writers said that there will be more elements from the Arrow television show for the Green Arrow comic book. Felicity and Diggle will be part of the series.


Sokolowski said to the LA Times, “We really want to bring the old-school Oliver Queen voice back to the character. In other words, the opinionated, liberal Robin Hood-esque hero that has fall through the cracks a bit. Our goal with this comic is to make it an echo of the TV series. It’s a way to bridge the two universes. That being said, we’re not trying to make this “Arrow: The Comic.” That’s what the digital tie-ins are for.”


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I am personally very excited for this new creative team as a lover of the Arrow television show. What do you guys think of the new creative team? Will you miss Lemire’s run or are you happy to see the Arrow writers start writing the book? Tell us in the comments below!

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  • FDSY

    Oh man, not really a fan off the bat, but I didn’t really like the series anyway. I’d give them a few issues to see.

    The thing is, I don’t think the Arrow Green Arrow is a good Green Arrow. It doesn’t feel — thematically — like Green Arrow. But, again, I stopped watching the show so maybe it changed. I have a suspicion it didn’t.

    But Arrow has made them a ton of money so, just like how Batman must be everywhere, Arrow must now too.

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