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Artifacts #7 – Review

How the mighty have fallen.  This issue of Artifacts may be the lowest point of the series filled with mostly boring dialogue, a million characters I can’t keep track of and artwork that reaches a new low. After a battle with Cyberforce, Sara and the rest of the team go to Hunter-Killer headquarters where they interrogate the now decapitated head of Aphrodite IV and run into a little more than they bargained for. Ron Marz has managed to stuff a ton of characters into this issue, half of which I have honestly forgotten.  Their conversations don’t help though, considering pretty much every piece of dialogue is a boring and droning on mess that does not make me enjoy the characters at all. With all the characters Marz has thrown into the mix every member of Cyberforce except for Ballistic. After highly anticipating enjoying more of Velocity’s witty marks during my review of Velocity #4 and Ripclaw’s awesome… well, Wolverine-esque nature, Artifacts #7 offers neither.  Oh, I’m sorry, it does have them – in the background on ONE PAGE with no dialogue for either of them.  The most interesting characters were Interface (or ‘Face), ironically one of the main points of why I enjoyed Velocity #2, and the Darkness’ demons.  The only reason they were enjoyable was because they offered some humor, but both were pointless if only to create the only slightly – SLIGHTLY – enjoyable moments in this issue. Top Cow Ron Marz Artifacts #7Story-wise this issue makes more progress than the last one.  The last issue of Artifacts was nothing but a huge battle that was actually a nice break from the constant drabble from the characters; unfortunately this translates into complete and utter drabble throughout Artifacts #7 as if to make up for the loss of time from the last issue, not that Marz needs any more time.  This series could easily have ended by now if Marz had not insisted on making it thirteen issues to represent the various Artifacts. The only storyline concept that was interesting was a twist at the end preceded by an Aphrodite army – an interesting idea that I can see leading places, A.K.A. beating the crap out of a hundred Aphrodite’s that we already saw once in Artifacts #6. Whilce Portacio has also delivered poor artwork mainly because he couldn’t engage in his art’s strong point – action.  There are way too many lines in the art, the colors make it dull and uninteresting, and the characters eyes?  When Portacio pays attention to them he makes the characters’ emotions fairly apparent and enjoyable with their eyes. Now that my rant is over I do not understand all the good reviews Artifacts has been receiving overall as a series.  The first three were very good but afterwards Marz failed to move the story a great deal and has just introduced more and more characters that left lesser in-the-know fans like me confused.  With so many characters it’s hard to like any of them except the few we’ve been with from the beginning and even they are still boring in this issue.  The art is not noteworthy and the colors do nothing for it except make it more of a dull mess. Some concepts introduced are interesting like Aphrodite’s clones.  But this is honestly one of the worst comic books I have ever read, unfortunate for a series that started out with so much promise…   I’d suggest it too hard core Top Cow fanboys and anyone else trying to get through the entire Artifacts series.  I know I’ll be back for eight just to see if Marz could put the spark back into the series that he had in the beginning. Overall Score – 3.0/10 *Fanboys only* For more reviews connected to the Artifacts series check out my other reviews below: Artifacts #2 Witchblade #139 Artifacts #3 Artifacts #4 Artifacts #5 Artifacts #6


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