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As Predicted – Alan Wake Coming to PC

Previously on Player Affinity we had named Alan Wake as one of the console exclusives we most wanted to see on PC, and now that wild pipe dream has come true.  Yesterday, Remedy Entertainment confirmed that Alan Wake will complete its long journey to the PC in early 2012.

Originally intended to appear on both Xbox 360 and PC, the game ended up becoming an Xbox 360 exclusive.  It was a  huge cult hit in 2010, thanks to its clever horror story about a writer who becomes trapped in a story that he's written himself.  It also drew in interest from fans of the old TV show Twin Peaks due to it being set in a small town full of quirky folk.

The PC version has enhanced graphics, and includes both of the DLC packs that came out for the Xbox edition.  It hasn't been confirmed yet if there will be retailed boxed version or a Collector's Edition with the same goodies that came with the Xbox Collector's Edition.  Price and exact release date haven't been announced either, but it's slated for first quarter 2012.

You can read our prophetic feature about the PC Edition of Alan Wake here, and see the latest trailer for the XBLA sequel, American Nightmare below:


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