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Ash vs Evil Dead Renewed Ahead of Halloween Premiere

Starz has already ordered a second season of Ash vs Evil Dead before the series premieres this Saturday on Halloween. “One season isn’t enough to satisfy the fans’ two-decade-long appetite for more Ash,” Starz managing director Carmi Zlotnik said in the announcement. The new series is a continuation of Sam Raimi's Evil Dead franchise, and marks the franchise's first jump to television. Bruce Campbell returns for the title role. Lucy Lawless will star alongside Campbell as Ruby Knowby, the daughter of Raymond Knowby, the voice on the tape recorder in the original Evil Dead movie. [caption id="attachment_76307" align="aligncenter" width="570"]ashchainsawarm Ash, the man with the chainsaw arm. Photo by Starz.[/caption] Ash vs Evil Dead is set 30 years after the events of the original trilogy. The man with the chainsaw arm, Ashley "Ash" J. Williams, played by Bruce Campbell, is humanity's only hope when a Deadite plague threatens the world. Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell previously worked together for the original trilogy, The Evil Dead, Evil Dead II, and Army of Darkness, and they will both be executive producers for Ash vs Evil Dead. Raimi, Campbell, and Lawless previously worked together on Xena: Warrior Princess. Craig DiGregorio (Chuck, Workaholics) will be the showrunner. The first season will have 10 episodes, and the second season is expected to air late next year. Season one premieres this Halloween night at 9 on Starz.


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