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‘Assasin’s Creed’ Film To Be Made by Sony

The big screen exploits of Ubisoft's assassins are becoming more of a reality. Sony Pictures, the same studio looking to turn the "Uncharted" and "inFamous" games into blockbusters as well, has closed a deal with Ubisoft to adapt their "Assassin's Creed" series for film.

Details of the deal are scarce, but Variety reports that Sony will be co-producing and financing the venture, with creative control predominately left to Ubisoft Motion Pictures, a new division of the French company established earlier this year in an attempt to boost its games across multiple platforms, including film and TV. It also does not hurt Sony, given three of the "Creed" titles have sold well on the PS3 platform, with a fourth due this November.

The series follows the exploits of bartender Desmond Miles, who is kidnapped by an evil corporation (duh) at the start of the series. His captors reveal that Desmond comes from a long line of Assassins and they force him into a machine called the Animus, where he relives the memories (and kills) of specific ancestors throughout time. Once inside, he learns of the centuries-long struggle between the Assassins and their sworn enemies the Templars along with the existence of powerful relics that Templars want and Assassin's guard.

The series has sold a combined 30 million units worldwide and have received growing praise with each game, though it wasn't hard to go up after the first game's lukewarm reception. One thing most would agree on are the cinematic scopes inherent in each game, and given Sony's recent (serious) interest in the game-to-film market combined with Ubisoft's input, perhaps something can come of this.

Questions still linger: Who should direct? Who can play the lead? Should Altair be skipped altogether?


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