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Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood (X360) Review

Assassin's Creed is a very different game. Though for all those who managed to make it through the slightly tedious adventure with Altair, found that the game was more of a hidden gem than blade. However, the second game brought back what we loved, and then some! It was obvious that Ezio had it down before, but can he again while he's in his 40's? The answer is an overwhelming yes.

The story takes place right after the end of Assassin's Creed 2. Ezio leaves the vault after listening to the hologram of Minerva, and walks out to find Borgia ran his fat Pope ass out of there in his absence. However, Mario quickly comes to help him escape. After his return to Monteriggioni he decides to not go after Borgia. However, his son, Cesare Borgia desides to go after Ezio and the other Assassin's. He then attacks Monteriggioni and nearly destroys it. Ezio manages to get most of the people out, but fails to save Mario. To make matters worse they also manage to get away with the Apple of Eden. It is because of this that Ezio decides to finally finish the Borgia once and for all. Meanwhile in the present, Desmond, after fleeing from the Templar at the end of Assassin's Creed, is forced into hiding with Rebecca, Lucy, and Shaun. The place they choose for their new location turns out to be a modern Monteriggioni. It is from here that they hope to find the memories they need to finally get their hands on the Apple of Eden. The story its self is about on par with the previous, but do not expect  a short ride.

The gameplay itself is very similar to the last game. It does however add some new things to the mix. One of these being that you are not limited as before when it comes to restoring things. Though you can now only restore parts of Rome it should be noted that Rome is a big place, and that there's a lot to fix up. From stores, to hideouts and even famous land marks. Another new feature is that you can now recruit others to become Assassins and assist you on command. They can also be used to complete other missions for you, and this allows them to level up making them better fighters in the field. It wouldn't be an Assassin's Creed game if there wasn't climbing though, and this game has more of a reason for you to do just that. The Borgia have set up towers that you must destroy, but before you can you must kill the person in charge of each district. The AI on these characters are varied as well. Some may rally the troops, and fight with them to kill you. However some might book it, and run to hide into their tower. You could go on and on about the content in this game, and chances are you will find yourselves doing it.

Brotherhood has one thing over it's predecessors, and that is Multiplayer. Unlike the other games where once you blasted through the story and mountain of side missions, you will find yourself with a lot more to do online. The online offers very unique gameplay and styles. The most interesting thing about it is that it is actually tied to the main story. The multiplayer is basically a training program being used by the Templars where they are using the same bleeding method Desmond is using. The "training" is broken down into three types. Wanted, where you must find a target in a swarm of lookalikes whilst trying not to be killed yourself. Hunter, where one plays the Assassin, and the rest are guards trying to find him. The final is Alliance, where two players team up to take down the other pairs running around. They each play uniquely, and feel very refreshing. 

The one thing I should also mention is besides multiplayer and story you can take part in little tests of skill. The game allows you test things such as seeing how long you can kill without being hit, how high you can get your kill streak up to in a time limit, how fast you can silently kill a number of guards, and even how fast you can run a set course. There are others as well, and multiple versions of each offering a great amount of challenge to get that gold medal. Best of all you can pause the game at any time, and jump in.

Overall you really can't go wrong with this game. It's not often that you get a game that is not only over 10 hours, but is packed with extras for you to do. On top of that throw in multiplayer and you'll probably log countless hours playing. All that together makes this game worth buying. It should also be mentioned to those who have not played the last two games should go back, and play them first. Though to the fans it should be mentioned that you will learn a bit more about the Apple of Eden, and other things about the universe.  Expect more questions to be answered when the next Assassins Creed instalment arrives.



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