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Assassins Creed III Gets Dazzling Gameplay Demo

We've already seen plenty of snazzy Assasins Creed III trailers and screenshots prior to E3 2012, but now we get some lovely looking gameplay. In truth, it does look very similiar to most recent AC series installments gameplay-wise, but why fix a none broken formula? Although many platforming animations have been sensibly left untouched, more have been added; now you can jump between gaps in trees, rather than just swinging on the branches, which looks as sweet and slick as ever. It's also worth noting the weather, this is the first time an Assassins Creed game has really used proper weather effects and they're certainly impressive. Seeing Connor trudge through the snow just to hear the crunch beneath his feet is a sound to remember.

Connor also has a few new weapons at his disposal, compared to his assassin ancestors in the previous AC games. Much like Red Dead Redemption, players will be able to hunt, Connor can whip out his bow and arrow to kill a wolf and other wild creatures to use them for survival later on. He's also got a tomahawk, which is similiar to the blades from past titles and essentially does the same job—stab men, swing them around, take them down.

So far, Assassin's Creed III looks crisp, clean, and with plenty of time until its October 30 release date, there's time to polish things up a bit more. However, this is shaping up to be one of the best games of this year.


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