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Astonishing X-Men to be Adapted as a Novel

Astonishing X-Men is one of Joss Whedon’s biggest accomplishements that he has done for Marvel; of course this comes right next to the Avengers movie. They have his run published in single issues, hardcovers, trades, and omnibuses. So, where else can they adapt this story for even more people to enjoy?

Peter David is going to adapt the story into a novel starting with the story arc Gifted. For people who may not be comic book fans but are Joss Whedon fans, now they can enjoy this story in a different medium. The book is set to be published in September.

Are you excited for Astonishing X-Men to be adapted into a novel? Do you think Peter David is the best person to adapt the story? Tell us in the comments below what you guys think. 


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