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Autumn Dynasty: PC style game to hit Apple’s app store

So what is Autumn Dynasty you ask? It’s a real-time strategy game set at the end of a golden era of the Autumn rule. During this time of peace and opulence, the righteous ruled over its people, the peasants worked the lands, the scholars dealt with the politics, and the soldiers enforced the laws. That is how it was for 100 years until the nobles began to ignore their duties of ruling for the people and instead began ruling for themselves. It was only a matter of time before the peasants began to revolt.

In 2009 at the Independent Games Festival in China, Autumn Dynasty won Best Student Game, which is how the game gained our attention. But after winning this title, the team at ‘Touch Dimensions’ went dark, hid away and went deep into development mode. Prior to this, the developers had shown the game’s portability to consoles, the Microsoft Surface, and mobile phones. It was only natural that the game ended up on the iPad, since the game play core mechanics rely on single and multi-touch components. Look for this game to be released soon in the Apple App Store.


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