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Available Now: Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes

With the release of Might and Magic: Heroes VI on the horizon, PC gamers can now grab Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes. Clash of Heroes originally came out for the DS and was re-released in a HD version for the PS3 and 360 earlier this year.

The game takes place forty years before the events of Heroes of Might and Magic V and sets you as a group of five young Heroes who command various Might and Magic forces and must embark on a quest to stop a demonic invasion of the world of Ashan. It's fairly standard Might and Magic stuff but the unique RPG/Strategy/Puzzle Hybrid gameplay makes it look like something worth checking out.


It features puzzle elements similar to the Puzzle Quest games. Players are also able to level up and equip artifacts to make their characters more powerful and unique. The game also shows off an anime visual style that provides a new rendition of the Might and Magic universe. The PC Version also comes some exclusive unlockables and hotseat multiplayer modes, although it is also playable coop over the internet too.

PC Gamers can currently grab the game off Steam and other digital retailers for the low price of $15 and the preorder DLC "I Am The Boss" is also available for those who didn't preorder for the low price of $3.


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