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Avalanche Announces Renegade Ops

Developer Avalanche Studios has announced a new game called Renegade Ops which will be published by Sega and released as a downloadable title for Xbox Live, PSN and PC.

Built using the Avalanche Engine, the same graphics engine as used in Just Cause 2, the game will be an arcade style top-down twin-stick shooter and will feature two-player splitscreen and four-player online cooperative multiplayer modes.  The story focuses on a mobile commando unit trying to bring down an evil mastermind called Madman Inferno. Speaking to Eurogamer the senior producer, Andreas Thorsén, said that Avalanche started working on Renegade Ops as soon as they finished working on Just Cause 2:
"We were finishing up Just Cause 2 and playing around with the engine and we thought, what would happen if we moved the camera up a bit to a top-down perspective?"  

"A lot of inspiration came from looking at Shadow Complex and what they did to the Super Metroid mechanics. We wanted to do something similar, using old school mechanics created with the looks of today."  

No definitive release date has yet been given but the game is expected to arrive some time in the Fall, with a trailer arriving in the next few weeks.


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