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Avatar Press January 2011 Releases

This has been Avatar Press' most successful year to date, and with the announcements of continuing their popular series as well as a few new coming items, next year may be even more successful. Avatar Press proudly announces its release schedule for January 2011, featuring the latest collected volume of Warren Ellis’ critically acclaimed web series, FREAKANGELS, as well as a new printing of Alan Moore’s essential guide to graphic storytelling, WRITING FOR COMICS, and the continuing releases of Avatar’s hardest-hitting horror titles.

Revelations abound in the new FREAKANGELS VOLUME 5 graphic novel when England’s twelve psychics reunite to reexamine their lives… and their deaths. Clearly, whatever they knew about their shared past is suspect, as under the watchful eye of their friend Alice, the twelve unravel the mind-blowing truth of how they flooded London and devastated the world. Previously published online (www.freakangels.com) and adored by over a million readers, this latest installment in the graphic novel series sees this story arc collected for the first time in print, the perfect addition to any dedicated Warren Ellis fan’s bookshelf.

FREAKANGELS VOLUME 5 is available in three different cover formats, each featuring unique artwork by fan-favorite series artist Paul Duffield!

· FREAKANGELS VOLUME 5 Trade Paperback (NOV100759, $19.99) 

· FREAKANGELS VOLUME 5 Hardcover (NOV100760, $27.99) 

· FREAKANGELS VOLUME 5 Limited Hardcover, Signed by Ellis & Duffield (NOV100761, $39.99)

Avatar’s best-selling book of all time sees print once again with January’s re-release of WRITING FOR COMICS,
Alan Moore’s classic dissertation on the craft. Considered by many to be the greatest comic book writer of all time, Moore enlightens readers with his unique perspectives on storytelling in this dense, 48-page softcover. Originally serialized in 1985 after the publication of such legendary Moore yarns as Saga of the Swamp Thing and Superman Annual #11 (“For the Man Who Has verything”), this collection includes a modern essay reflecting on how his approach to creating fiction has changed during the intervening years. A must-have for devoted fans and aspiring writers in any medium!
Freakangels Vol 5 TPB 
ALAN MOORE’S WRITING FOR COMICS Softcover (New Printing) (NOV100751, $5.95) 

Not quite ready to give up on its most successful year to date, Avatar Press continues two blood-curdling horror titles into the new year, including the final issue of George R. R. Martin’s classic vampire tale, FEVRE DREAM, and the penultimate chapter in the zombie epic NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD.

In NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD #4, the simmering tension of a 1968 anti-war rally in the nation’s capital explodes, leading to a violent response by the National Guard… and an unexpected side effect only possible on this, the most terrifying night of human history. The government no longer needs to worry about the zombie hordes marching towards Washington, as the shocking street massacre creates an army of undead ghouls inside the city limits! Building to next month’s shocking conclusion, NOTLD #4 is written by Mike Wolfer (Lady Death, Gravel) and John Russo, the original co-writer of the classic horror film, with artwork by Tomas Aira.

o NIGHT O/T LIVING DEAD #4 (NOV100762, $3.99)
o NIGHT O/T LIVING DEAD #4 Gore Edition (NOV100763, $3.99)
o NIGHT O/T LIVING DEAD #4 Wraparound Edition (NOV100764, $3.99)
o NIGHT O/T LIVING DEAD #4 Classic Black-and-White Edition (NOV100765, Ask your retailer!

Night of the Living Dead # 4The final chapter to best-selling author George R. R. Martin’s vampire epic is finally told in FEVRE DREAM #10! This sordid tale of vampire clans, death and debauchery, and bloodlust along the Mississippi riverbanks comes to a close with a final confrontation between the pairing of Abner Marsh and Joshua York, and the vicious Damon Julian. Originally penned by the beloved author of A Song of Ice and Fire, FEVRE DREAM has been masterfully adapted for comics by Hugo-nominated author Daniel Abraham and illustrated by Rafa Lopez.

o FEVRE DREAM #10 (NOV100766, $3.99)

o FEVRE DREAM #10 Wraparound Edition (NOV100767, $3.99)

o FEVRE DREAM #10 Nightmare Edition (NOV100768, Ask your retailer!)

Fevre Dream 10 CoverFinally, Avatar Press continues its tradition of offering retailers and fans nationwide the opportunity to acquire rare comic book variants of its most popular titles, many of which were only available previously at regional conventions. This month’s selection includes:



· CAPTAIN SWING #2 (OF 4) CHICAGO CON ED (NOV100755, $3.99)





Avatar Press is a leading independent company which publishes a wide variety of comic books and graphic novels by some of the most talented creators in the industry. Among their fine products are highly-regarded creator-owned titles such as Alan Moore’s NEONOMICON and THE COURTYARD, Warren Ellis’ FREAKANGELS and BLACK SUMMER, and Garth Ennis’ CROSSED and CHRONICLES OF WORMWOOD, as well as licensed comic projects such as George A. Romero’s NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD. For more information about Avatar Press and their publications, please visit www.avatarpress.com.


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