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Avatar Press – Nov Releases

Avatar Press proudly announces the upcoming release of GRAVEL VOLUME THREE: THE LAST KING OF ENGLAND, the latest graphic novel by long-time collaborative partners Warren Ellis and Mike Wolfer.  Solicited in the September 2010 edition of Previews, this latest chapter sees the violent, bloody conclusion to a story arc four years in the making.
Warren Ellis’ spell-casting soldier finally gets his due in GRAVEL VOL. 3: THE LAST KING OF ENGLAND!  Co-written by industry legend Warren Ellis (TransmetropolitanBlack Summer) and horror maven Mike Wolfer (Night of the Living DeadWolfskin), this third volume draws together the plot threads interwoven throughout the preceding volumes (VOL. 1: BLOODY LIARS and VOL. 2: THE MAJOR SEVEN), leading to a deadly conflict between Gravel’s ragtag team of working class mystics and Bible Jack, a psychotic rogue magician.  However, the madman raining down death on innocent Londoners isn’t Gravel’s only threat, as a more political enemy takes shape on Downing Street.  Collecting issues #15-21 of the monthly series, GRAVEL VOL. 3 perfectly captures all the grit and gruesomeness that inspired its upcoming feature film adaptation from Legendary Pictures!
·         GRAVEL VOL. 3: THE LAST KING OF ENGLAND Softcover                                 (SEP100803, $19.99)
·         GRAVEL VOL. 3: THE LAST KING OF ENGLAND Hardcover                                (SEP100804, $27.99)
Gravel TPB Vol 3 
In November, Avatar Press also builds upon this theme of horror and violence in the continuation of its series CROSSED: FAMILY VALUES, NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, NEONOMICON, WOLFSKIN: HUNDREDTH DREAM, and CHRONICLES OF WORMWOOD LAST BATTLE.

·         In CROSSED: FAMILY VALUES #7, the runaway success miniseries of bad bloodlines comes to its terrifying conclusion!  In backwoods America, teenager Adeline attempts to keep the last few members of her family alive, while under assault from her Crossed mother’s army of maniacs!  Brought to you by David Lapham (Stray Bullets) and artist Javier Barreno, and available in RegularWraparoundTorture, and Red Crossed editions!
·         In NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD #2, that fateful sundown in the Spring of ’68 brings terror to the nation’s capitol!  As the weary National Guard maintains an unsteady peace with a throng of anti-Vietnam War protesters, they realize that one misstep could ignite a fatal firestorm of violence… leaving them in no shape to face the oncoming horde of undead cannibals!  Written by Mike Wolfer (Gravel) and John Russo, the original co-writer of the classic horror film!  Available in RegularWraparoundGore, and Classic Black-and-White editions!
·         In the final issue of Alan Moore’s Lovecraftian masterpiece, NEONOMICON #4, FBI agent Brears crawls back from Hell and finds herself in the network of tunnels beneath Salem, Massachusetts.  Returned though she may be, Brears now perceives a world that most people can’t see… and she has one more terrifying thing to show us.  The award-winning master of comic storytelling, Alan Moore (WatchmenV for Vendetta), teams with Jacen Burrows (CrossedChronicles of Wormwood) to draw NEONOMICON to a close with RegularWraparound, and Book of the Dead editions!
·         Warren Ellis’ barbarian epic comes to a close in WOLFSKIN: HUNDREDTH DREAM #6.  In the face of the insidious encroachment of industry, with his comrades falling at his side, Wolfskin ingests the cursed mushroom of his war god and becomes an unstoppable force of mayhem!  But will this rage and bloodlust be enough to drive back his enemies?  By Warren Ellis, Mike Wolfer, and Gianluca Pagliarani (Ignition City).  Available in RegularBlood ThirstPaintedWraparound, and Bronze & Blood editions!
·         In CHRONICLES OF WORMWOOD: THE LAST BATTLE #5, Garth Ennis (CrossedPreacher) and Oscar Jimenez (Gravel) toss Danny Wormwood – the reluctant Anti-Christ – for a loop in the aftermath of Pope Jacko’s attack on his dearest friend!  The sacrilege continues with Regular,Visions of Hell Wraparound, and Anti-Christ editions!
Finally, Avatar Press continues its tradition of offering retailers and fans nationwide the opportunity to acquire rare comic book variants of its most popular titles, many of which were only available previously at regional conventions.  This month’s gorgeous and gruesome selection includes:
·         CROSSED FAMILY VALUES #2 (OF 7) Sweet Treats Edition
·         CROSSED FAMILY VALUES #3 (OF 7) Cowgirl Edition
·         CROSSED FAMILY VALUES #4 (OF 7) Auxiliary Edition
·         WOLFSKIN HUNDREDTH DREAM #1 (OF 6) Motor City Edition
·         ALAN MOORE NEONOMICON #2 (OF 4) Auxiliary Edition
·         SUPERGOD #4 (OF 5) Convention Edition


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