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‘Avengers 2’ Announced … Duh

Guys, stow the picket signs and don’t bother mailing in those heartfelt letters, we did it! Disney just announced that The Avengers is getting a sequel After an agonizing wait (read: four days), those few of us (read: millions) who went and saw Joss Whedon’s indie gem (read: $200 million summer blockbuster) will be relieved to know that Disney will be making a sequel to the film stole our hearts, despite little promotion (read: the year’s biggest marketing campaign that doesn’t have to do with who’s running the country).  

Okay so all kidding aside, The Avengers 2 was pretty much a given from the start, though raking in $200 million-plus its opening weekend certainly didn’t hurt its future prospects. Disney CEO Bob Iger made the announcement today, citing the film’s explosive debut as “a great illustration of why we like Marvel so much.”

The strong demand for Avengers merchandise noted by Deadline was no doubt also a big reason for continuing the fledgling franchise. There are unconfirmed rumors that 2015 is the planned release date for part two, but for now, let’s all just be satisfied that the sequel is coming; not every movie costing $200 million is quite so lucky.  


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