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Avengers vs. X-Men #11 Review

All week people have been talking about this comic book because something big happens in this issue that will change the Marvel universe forever. I usually never spoil the story in my written reviews, but this is going to be first time I am going to spoil what happened. I feel like you have to talk about the big spoiler to talk about exactly what happened in this issue. That is why in the description I warned you guys there would be SPOILERS in this review. So, I warn you again if you do not want to know what happened in this issue do not read any further.

The cover for this issue was pretty generic. Cyclops fights with Emma Frost, which we could of guessed because Cyclops is greedy for power. But I enjoyed the art, and I thought it was a pretty average cover.

In this issue, Cyclops goes over the edge. He fights Emma Frost to get the rest of the Phoenix force power for his own. The only hope for Cyclops to stop is someone close to him to talk him out of his actions. So, Professor X tries to have a heart to heart with Cyclops, but Cyclops doesn’t care for what Professor X has to say. He kills Professor X for getting in his way.

We finally get to see how far Cyclops will go in this issue. He has finally gone over the edge. He kills his mentor/father figure because he was getting in his way. The phoenix has finally taken full control of Cyclops. After he kills Professor X Cyclops realizes that he has done something terribly wrong, but he doesn’t blame himself. He blames Captain America instead.

For me I thought the death kind of fell flat. It was predictable that Professor X could be one of the heroes that would die in this event. Professor X hasn’t been mentioned in any marvel comic in a while.  But towards the end of this event he magically pops into the story. I think most people thought Professor X was already dead because he hasn’t played a major role in any comic in years. Killing off his character was not that much of a sacrifice in modern comics. He just hasn’t been used enough. Marvel probably figured that Professor X finally had finally found his story limit.


The biggest impact wasn’t the death of Professor X, but showing how far Cyclops is willing go. I think that is what I enjoyed most. We get to see how evil he is because of the Phoenix. He would kill one of the closet people he has in life for more power.

Even though I did not think the person who died was a great choice for this issue, I still thought what it showed was pretty great in this issue. I recommend you guys picks this up because like I said in the beginning of this review the events that happened in this issue will change the Marvel universe forever. Pick this issue up!




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