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Avengers vs. X men #8 Review

Avengers vs. X-men is the big event of the summer, but the series has been an up and down roller coaster. Some issues are pretty good and some issues are horrible.

The cover for this issue was probably the best part of this issue. It had great art, and had a great concept. This issue centers around Namor. So, it wasn’t misleading for the people who picked up this issue for a Namor story.

In this issue, Namor fights the Avengers, and it takes everyone in the Avengers to defeat Namor. So, the Avengers realize that they may be going in over their heads because they still need to defeat four other people in the Phoenix Five.

As I said earlier in this review some issues for Avengers vs. X-men are a hit and a miss. This issue was a miss. There was no story progression. Namor just fought the Avengers through out the entire issue. This is a story that would of fit better for the Verses series that Marvel has for this event. There needs to be more than just fighting for an issue to be good, especially for a big event like Avengers Vs. X-men

This series still has potential if they concentrated more on Scarlet Witch and Hope. Those are the characters that are going to change things in the Marvel universe, but I have a feeling that they are saving their part of the story for the end of the event. The best thing they could of done is shorten the event and; gotten to their stories a lot sooner, instead of dragging the story with these filler issues.

The only thing that progressed in this story was that the Avengers realized that they need more power to defeat the Phoenix Five. I am glad that this issue showed that this may be the biggest battle that Avengers has ever faced. But they could of taken two pages in an issue to explain that not a whole issue.

In the first half of this event John Romita Jr. did the art for this series, and I am glad that they got another artist for the second half for this series. The art has improved so much after John Romita’s Jr. half of the story was over. I am actually enjoying the art for this series with Adam Kubert doing the art for the second half of the story.

This issue is a filler issue and not worth picking up. There is not enough story progression for this issue to be worth four dollars. I say do not pick this issue up!



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