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Avengers X-Sanction #3

Avengers X-Sanction has so far not been as great as I expected it would be when I first heard the series was coming out. I was excited at first for the return of Cable. I originally fell in love with his character when he was in “Second Coming”. When he died in that story arc I was disappointed but, than when I heard about this series I had high expectations for it. Now I feel like so far my expectations have not been fulfilled.

In this issue Red Hulk and Cable have a big battle. Cable’s goal is to kill the Avengers that way he could save his daughter Hope. But when Hope comes into the middle of the battlefield he does not know how he is going to approach his next battle plan.

The cover for this issue was not one of my favorites. Something that I have been disliking about these covers for this mini series is that all the characters look very bulgy. The same goes for the art inside of the issue. It really ruins the cover for me. Something I did not like about this cover in particular is that Red Hulk and Cable’s veins are sticking out of their head and body. I felt like it was not necessary and it would of looked better if their veins were not sticking out. I know that the artist was trying to show that they were angry and going to have a major battle with each other in the issue, but it did not come out as well as it could of.

I have been very disappointed with this series so far and this issue was not any better as the others. So, far nothing has been accomplished in these three issues. We still do not know how Cable is still alive and all Cable is doing is one by one keeping the Avengers captive. After issue three of the same thing happening over and over again it gets a little repetitive and boring.

The only thing that I liked about this issue is that Hope has finally made an appearance in the series. The whole point in Cable picking this battle with the Avengers is because of Hope. I think maybe if we see more interaction with Hope and Cable this series could be a lot better for its last issue. Hope and Cable’s relationship is the core of this series and I think they should stick with that.

As I said for the cover portion of this review I am not a big fan of the art in this series. It is very bulgy and does make this story any better. One of this reasons that this series is not one of my favorites is because of the art. If they had better art maybe I would like this series a little more.

I would say not pick this issue up or any issues in the past for this series. Maybe the reason I am so disappointed with this series is because I had such high expectations. I will probably still pick up issue 4 to see what happens in the end and because I picked up that last 3 issues. But I do not recommend this issue for you guys to pick up.              



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