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Avenging Spider-Man #8 Review

If you have been reading Ends of the Earth than you will be happy to hear that this issue is an epilogue of that story arc. Since, Silver Sable died in the last issue of the Amazing Spider man this was a big centric issue for Silver Sable and Spider man.

The cover for this issue catches your eye if you have been reading Ends of the Earth.  The Amazing Spider-Man didn’t have an ending for Ends of the Earth. So, if you want to see what happened to Dr. Octopus and learn more about Silver Sable than you are going to be very excited about this issue.

In this issue, Spider man looks back on an adventure he had with Silver Sable, and realizes she was a nice person even though some people thought the only reason she saved people was for money. As Spider man looks back into his past, the rest of the Avengers try to look for Silver Sable’s body after the events of Ends of the Earth.

This was a pretty good issue for Silver Sable. I am glad that Dan Slott gave the proper good bye to this character. In the last issue of the Amazing Spider man it felt like that Ends of the Earth needed an epilogue, and I am glad that we got an epilogue in this issue. Although I wished that Marvel would of publicized that Avenging Spider-Man would have the epilogue story. I think more people would of picked up this issue if they said in the last page of Amazing Spider man that the story wasn’t officially over.

This issue had a fun story, but this wasn’t a great epilogue. It doesn’t really conclude Dr. Octopus’s story, which was the main story for Ends of the Earth. I thought Ends of the Earth would be the last story for Dr. Octopus, but after this issue it seems like they are only keeping the character to make an extra buck or two. They are not keeping the character because he has any more story possibilities.

The art for this issue was pretty disappointing. It was very sketchy, and doesn’t compare to the art in Amazing Spider-Man. Especially because Spidey had a weird shaped head in this issue.

All in all, this issue was a good way to say goodbye to Silver Sable, but it wasn’t a good way to end the Ends of the Earth story arc.  If you want more Silver Sable I would say this is an issue worth picking up. 




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