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Aw Yeah! Comics Goes Digital

The creators of Tiny Titans created a new Indy title called Aw Yeah! Comics. This is an all ages comic series that everyone will be able to joy.

A couple of months ago Aw Yeah! Comics was officially funded by Kickstarter. This allowed Al Baltazar and Franco to officially allow their comic Aw Yeah! Comics to be published.

Here is a description about the series from their offical kickstarter page:

"AW YEAH COMICS! will be a new all-reader friendly comic book featuring characters created by Eisner and Harvey award winning cartoonists Art Baltazar and Franco. Though centered around Action Cat and Adventure BugAW YEAH COMICS! will have a whole cast of characters created just for this title." 

This weekend at C2E2 Mark Waid announced that Aw Yeah! Comics will be added to his Thrillbent digital comics platform. This title will be one of many kid titles that will be added to Thrillbent.

The first issues are already available on comixology under Thrillbent. Buy your copy today!



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