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Axe Cop – Bad Guy Earth Part 1

The title
says it all.  He’s a cop.  He has an axe.  He’s Axe Cop!  Axe Cop knows the score; when a Bad Guy Planet shows up and
starts causing trouble for Earth, the first thing out of Axe Cop’s mouth is
“We’d better go explode it”.   Thus begins
this comic book adaptation of the adventures of Axe Cop and his pal Dinosaur

I’m a little ashamed to admit it, but I’ve been out of the
loop about Axe Cop.  It’s a hugely
popular online comic that’s been running for over a year, and I just learned
about it when a collection of the comics was published in a book recently.  If you’re also out of this particular
loop, Axe Cop is written by a six-year-old boy, then drawn by his grown-up

writer Malachai Nicolle is, in many ways a typical kid; he likes dinosaurs,
robots and seeing good guys beat the bad. He’s also some sort of comedy
prodigy, because instead of childish
ramblings, the writing for Axe Cop comes across as brilliant absurdist humor,
as evidenced by a line on the very first page “You just drank my friend’s

If you read
the web series, fear not, the comic book does not recycle material from the
web.  This three-part comic miniseries
is a completely new Axe Cop adventure, in color.  If you’ve never read of the previous Axe Cop adventures,
don’t worry about the backstory, because Axe Cop’s origin is explained over the course of this
issue.  Of course, the
story-telling is so packed with non-sequiturs that you don’t really need to know
the history of Axe Cop, Dinosaur Soldier, Uni-Man or Wexter a T-Rex with
gatling gun arms.  These sorts of
things are just commonplace in the world of Axe Cop, and when a scientist with
a unicorn horn shows up, you won’t ask for explanations.

fast-paced story starts out by pitting our hero against an evil planet that is
going to squish the Earth, but it soon has Axe Cop going up against the normal
cops, who just can’t stand how he breaks all the rules.  After all, normal cops carry guns, but Axe Cop walks a path
less traveled.  A path he carved
himself.  With an AXE!

Soon, Axe
Cop and pals must investigate the source of the Bad Guy Planet, and it turns
out that Psychic Bad Guys are behind it all.  These villains hatch a new scheme which involves a device that can
turn good guys into bad guys- Hence the title of the miniseries: Bad Guy
Earth.  That’s right, the villains are planning on turning all of the good guys on Earth into bad guys, and Axe
Cop along with his team will have to stop them.

The art
accompanying this psychedelic story is done with deadpan enthusiam.  Ethan Nicolle draws his brother’s
narrative as though it’s a high adventure tale; none of the characters
understand that they’re in a farce, and when the script says that Dinosaur
Soldier puts on his catsuit, Ethan shows us what a dinosaur dressed up like a
cat looks like.

The next
time you hear someone spout the witty question “If they’re called ‘Comic Books’
then why aren’t they funny?  Just
point them at a copy of Axe Cop: Bad Guy Earth.

Overall Score – 8.5/10 

Find out what happens next is our review of Issue #2. 


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