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B.P.R.D. – The Dead Remembered #3 – Review

What started off as interesting and revealing has ended the only way it could… solid and predictable. The Dead Remembered only really had one of two places to go and thankfully it chose a lighter ending that fit the tone and feel of the story to begin with. We open up with the Professor asking if Elizabeth has been taking her pills, which is really a segway into catching her sneaking out the night before.

She storms out of the diner and the Professor chases after her. There, he has a very heart-felt moment with her and explains that what happened in her past does not define her and that once she masters the fire her life will be hers to command. It’s a good moment as it was something her character needed to hear from someone that’s in charge of her care. The Professor tries again to rid the Priest's house of the spirit, but as it turns out the witch is haunting the forest, not the house. Elizabeth and Manny head into the woods again to try and stop it themselves, but the results only tick the witch off even more.

The Dead Remembered #3 CoverThis was a solid issue, even if it was predictable from the very beginning. The first and last scene was definitely the strongest parts of the book, which made the entire middle, come across more like filler than useful story. There was actually very little dialog directed at one character to the other and yet there was a real sense of development between characters as they had to deal with the circumstances presented before them. Besides Elizabeth and Manny dealing with their issues together, the Professor and the Priest had to find common grounds of belief in order to defeat the witch.

The art was great as it has been since the first issue. Elizabeth said more with her face and eyes in this issue then she did with actual dialog, making the scenes very powerful. The witch came across frightful and yet very powerful which made her chilling on each page. Especially when the story bounces back and forth between the past and present to establish what happened to the witch. It’s a great story telling technique as the reader gets a mix of both time lines on the same page and it makes it more interesting to look at, that’s for sure.

If you missed out on this series I recommend picking up the first two issues from Dark Horse’s digital store and getting caught up with the third issue. It’s a strong series that reveals Elizabeth’s origin and builds her as a character rather than a gimmick.

Overall Score – 8.0/10
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