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Back To The Future Game Releases December 22nd

Just when we thought Oddworld Stranger’s Wrath won the prize for “Last Great PC Game of the Year”, along comes Back to the Future from Telltale Games, which chronicles a brand new adventure for Marty, Doc and their flying, time-traveling Delorean Its release date has been set for next Wednesday, the 22nd

This is the first of five episodes, and the rest are coming in February, March, April, and WheneverItsDonary.  The season will cost you $24.95, but a pre-order will nab you a copy of the Telltale’s Puzzle Agent, a DVD copy of the game when the final episode releases, and one dollar will be donated to the Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research. 

Speaking of Michael J Fox, his likeness has been licensed for the game, but the voice is provided by A.J. LoCascio, who does an incredible job of mimicking teen Fox from the 80’s.  This isn’t a problem, since the game is set in 1986, and Marty is still in high-school.  Christopher Lloyd on the other hand has licensed his appearance, and provides the voice for Doc Brown as well.

As an added bonus, all Back to the Future merchandise is half off at the Telltale store at the time of this writing (Thursday the 16th).  Check back with us next week for a review of the first episode.


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