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Backbreaker Update Coming

Back in late June, NaturalMotion and 505 Games released Backbreaker. A game based solely off its Euphoria feature. A feature that made tackles much more realistic, no tackle animation was the same. I thought the system worked fine. Great even. But everything built around that tackling system was done so poorly, it mitigated the Euphoria system's impact.

  • Brand new replay system with the addition of seven fully functional cameras, including free flight mode and a cinematic ‘ball-lock’ option.
  • More than 100 new plays added, including an additional nine formations.
  • Improved Quarterback camera view and passing game.
  • A user-catch system, giving the player a much greater level of control over the on-field action.
  • Interception control, the user is now given full control over interception attempts when controlling a defensive player.
  • Comprehensive review of the penalty rulings following an analysis of reported errors.


Those being the main things the update plans to fix. It’s quite obvious that 505 is releasing this update to combat trade-ins of Backbreaker to the purchase of Madden and in my case, it worked. In other people’s cases, I doubt it will. But hats off to them for trying.

The Backbreaker update will be released sometime in August



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