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Backlash Over EVE Incarna Results in Emergency Meeting

On June 21st CCP Games launched "Incarna," the latest expansion for their epic online game EVE Online. The update shipped with several new features such as the Captain's Quarters which allowed players to explore the world of EVE in 3D and the Noble Exchange which was an online marketplace that sold virtual goods for real money.

While the Captain's Quarters received a mixed but generally positive reception despite some performance issues, the Noble Exchange was met with almost universally bad feedback from players. The majority of EVE's player base were outraged by the store's outrageous prices for purely cosmetic items and feared that CCP might be moving towards a more microtransaction-based model for the game.

The plot thickened when an internal CCP email was leaked that described the launch of Incarna as flawless and boasted regarding the amount of money made by the Noble Exchange, which only furthered player anger at the additions and changes made by the Incarna update.

To deal with the player backlash against the update, CCP held an emergency meeting with the player elected Council of Stellar Management. The meeting ended in a truce between the two parties and CCP is now working to address the issues that the EVE community has with the new update. In particular, they promised that they would not implement "Pay to Win" Items in the Noble Exchange.

You can watch the emergency meeting below:



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