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Bad Boys 3: Whatcha Gonna Do?

According to the good folks at Yahoo! Movies, it appears that a third Bad Boys film will finally happen. Martin Lawrence confirmed during an appearance on Conan, that the ball seems to be rolling on getting the film made. He expressed to O'Brien that he believes "it's happening, yes. I just talked to Jerry [Bruckheimer] yesterday, and he said it's real." BadBoys_158Pyxurz_normal There is apparently already a script in the works and that sounds like a good sign. Besides, if Jerry Bruckheimer says it's real, it sounds like we should pay some attention to that. After all, the man has had his hands in everything from Pirates of the Caribbean to Enemy of the State and a whole host of other projects in film and television. He probably knows a little bit about whether or not something will happen. As is the case with many films, it can take years for the stars to align in the ways necessary for the picture to get made. Today though, Martin Lawrence gives all the Michael Bay-heads, and Bad Boys fans hope that the stars are much closer than they were before to coming together. We will definitely be on the lookout as news develops on this project.


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