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Bagged and Boarded – Mondo Marvel Comic Panel

Welcome to Bagged and Boarded we're here at Comic Con and we just got out of the Mondo Marvel panel. Get ready for a lot of Marvel as we recap the panel, the people and the questions asked of the panelist.

First off C.B. Cebulski moderated the panel and the rest of the panelist include: Jeph Loeb, Brian Michael Bendis, Jim McCann, Andy Lanning and Dan Abnett and four editors whose name are not important. They started the with congrats to Loeb and Cebulski on their promotions both are basically in charge of infusing Marvel into all other facets of media i.e. video games, TV Shows, etc.

Then they made some half hearted announcements about Ultimate Thor, Ultimate Doom and a new Powerman and Iron Fist limited series. For the Space fans they announced that Lanning and Abnett would be writing a Rocket Raccoon and Groot mini-series with a cover from Mike Mignola. They also gave away certificates of authenticity for Groot parts. For those unfamiliar with the character he's a living tree. So sticks and paper were handed to people with the best questions.

Thor ThrownDustin - Hey sit over here.

Kevin - I can't I'm already sitting here.

Dustin - Bendis arrives with a lot of other bald men.

Kevin - Must be part of the Marvel contract. You want in, loose the locks pretty boy!

Marvel shows art for Powerman and Iron Fist book

Dustin - What's with those knee pads on Powerman?

Kevin - I don't know but those goggles don't fit his face.

Dustin - Ultimate Thor now? Interesting that Hickman's not here to promote the book.

Kevin - He probably didn't know this was happening right now.

Dustin - Looks interesting and the editor says it'll be typically Hickman... so crazy!

Kevin - Ultimate Doom... Ultimately don't really care.

Dustin - Yup Bendis pimping his stuff...not interested.

Kevin - That Thanos Imperative looks pretty cool.

Dustin - Yeah but it's already out.

Kevin - Thank God they have the cosmic line that seems to be the only thing people give a shit about.

Dustin - Up next we have the audience questions, let's see if anyone read my article or if they're going to make the same mistakes this year.

Kevin - They will, they don't retain information like that.

Kevin - Why is it every time someone asks a question Loeb needs to promote something he's working on?

Dustin - Seriously shut up Loeb! That's great that the Iron Man animation looks good but the studio that did Ninja Scroll isn't that good.

Kevin - News flash, Ninja Scroll isn't relevant.

Dustin - Oh man, back to Red Hulk.

Kevin - If the fans would stop bring up Red Hulk we wouldn't need to hear about it.

Dustin - Yeah, I only like the guy who asked WTF about the Red Hulk and if that's the way it "was supposed to happen"... short answer yes.

Kevin - Liar!

Dustin - Totally, I read those two issues and it was all made up at the end.

Kevin - These questions are bad.

Dustin - Yeah there not even asking about things announced.

Someone in the crowd asks about Marvel vs DC sequel.

Someone on the panel responds by saying "we're game now ask DC".

Dustin - Marvel throwing down the gauntlet!

Kevin - Who cares about that stuff anymore? Just suturing the pot for more fanboy bull-shit.

Dustin - That guy and everyone the "ohh'd".

Someone asks a question to the whole panel.

Dustin - Ah man, someone broke the rule!

Same guy asks when the end of The Twelve is going to be published.

Dustin - J. Micheal Straczynski just said this morning that it's finished.

Kevin - You'll get it when you'll get it.

Loeb - Go ask JMS about it.

Fan - Should I ask Joe Q or JMS (J. Micheal Straczynski).

Loeb goes off about asking JMS and that he didn't finish his contract and that they can't control when he finishes it.

An Editor chimes in saying that they don't want to do a fill in artist or writer because that's not the best quality product they can put out.

Loeb and basically the rest of the panelist tell the fan to go ask JMS.

Kevin - Wow Marvel, really unprofessional answer. He's just a whole hearted fan that wants to finish the story he loves.

Dustin - Yeah it seems like there's some bitterness between JMS and Marvel.

Kevin - Just because there's bitterness, don't take it out on this guy. Must be the mouse money that has them going crazy.

Dustin - Also a little "he said she-said" going on as JMS says it's done, Marvel says it isn't.

We'll that's all for Mondo Marvel!


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