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Bane Rises in (Last?) ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Trailer

Considering what a masterful job the last trailer for The Dark Knight Rises did stoking excitement for Christopher Nolan's final Batman movie, it's a little surprising that Warner Bros. has just released another full-length trailer. Not that any Bat-fan can really complain, as the newest tease offers up a smattering of new footage, with the Caped Crusader's new nemesis Bane stealing the show. 

Whereas the last trailer was the soaring movement towards the franchise's crescendo, the new one puts a lot more emphasis on the action. That's unsurprising, as TV spots have been doing their damnedest to let viewers know that just because Nolan and his fans take this franchise seriously, doesn't mean it won't be a thrilling and action-packed way to beat the heat come July. 

Pushing out new addition Anne Hathaway as Catwoman almost completely, Tom Hardy's menacing turn as the brute/revolutionary Bane takes center stage, with his plans for Gotham appearing nothing short of an all-out war between the criminals and citizens.

And with only two lines of dialogue, Bane lets slip his secret weapon against The Dark Knight: knowledge of his secret identity. Well, this was heavily, heavily, hinted at in previous trailers, and since we can't see his mouth move under that mouthpiece, his "Mr. Wayne" comment could be out of context, but it still lets us know that there's a sinister brain behind that hulking frame.

There's plenty of reused set piece footage, as Warner Bros. would like to wring those shots of the football field collapsing and the Bat-copter barrel rolling for all they're worth, but there are new shots of some fisticuffs and explosions, as well as a catchy remix of the chanting that's been a touchstone of the film's marketing. But with less than a month until it's release, the studio shouldn't feel the need to tease us any further. We're not afraid that this is the end of the Batman Legend — we're ready. 


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