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Batgirl 14 – Review

Third dimensional Dracula’s are on the search for one thing. True love, what all hideous and bloodthirsty monsters desire. However, when Stephanie Brown and Kara Kent’s paths cross, Dracula is going to have to run back to his 1930’s movie because, the Amazing Batgirl and the Sensational Supergirl are on the case! With these two girls fighting multiple Dracula’s, everyone will be able to sleep at night (written by Bryan Q. Miller and artwork by Lee Garbett). With the events of the Road Home coming up for the entire Bat-Family of comic books, this is a good jumping on point for new readers and also those who dropped the series. Writer Chuck “Charles” Dixon and artist Tom Lyle created the character Stephanie Brown.

After the Flood story arc (which started in issue nine and ended in issue 12), Bryan Q. Miller has been giving some issue-by-issue stories that have been short and also exciting. For example, issue thirteen was about Batgirl battling the monster shape shifter known as Clayface. No story arc, just a short story for readers who enjoy a more softer and fun tone to Batman comics. From issue thirteen, Bryan Q. Miller has opened up new doors for different stories he can tell. Batgirl’s team-up with Supergirl is only the tip of the iceberg, because imagination can go on forever. Or that is, until he gets another assignment.

Batgirl 14Batgirl and Supergirl encounter not one or two, but over twenty-two 3D Dracula’s. When Stephanie gets bored on a Friday night with no bad guys to be undone, Kara Kent decides to drop by and give her best friend a visit. When a science experiment demonstration goes array (or becomes a success), a 1930’s Dracula movie comes to life. As hardlight (or 3D) copies of Dracula pop out of the movie, Supergirl and Batgirl quickly leap into action to defeat these monsters. The story flows perfectly, with Bryan Q. Miller really capturing Supergirl and Batgirl’s characters. Their team-up (Supergirl and Batgirl) is a lot like Power Girl’s series when Jimmy Palmioti and Amanda Conner were working on it. Making a comic funny however, and appealing to other readers was a hard task, but Bryan Q. Miller really can operate with a humorous story and also incorporate action and violence to back it up.

Miller (Echo) as new writer to the career has done a great job with this series. From the first issue, Miller has taken Stephanie Brown and molded her into a passionate and strong member of the Bat-Family. Miller’s writing for this issue, and also the entire third volume of Batgirl’s series is really funny. Stephanie Brown, written by Miller well demonstrates his version on how he would incorporate Batgirl.

Lee Garbett (DC/WS Dream War, Judge Dread Magazine Vol. 3) has been really passionate with his artwork on this series. Batgirl’s new costume was revealed at the end of issue three, and that was when Stephanie really stood out, from the previous Batgirls. Lee Garbett’s artwork for this issue is really good and his style and strokes are different from other artists.

Overall Batgirl issue 15 will appear during the events of Bruce Wayne’s epic return! With excitement like this, pick up this issue or the previous issues to enjoy a fun and entertaining series.

Overall - 8.0 



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