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Batgirl #18 – Review

Batgirl and Klarion make an amusing pair in this Valentine's Day issue. It's another one-shot story rather than the start of a new story arc. While the art is interesting its far from fantastic, the story is an odd mix of fun and corny. The ending is especially corny, but that's what you'd expect for Valentine's Day! Batgirl Stephanie Brown discovers a pimp with his heart literally ripped out on Valentine's day and in the hands of Klarion the witch boy. Klarion's cat killed the pimp while in the search for a mate and Batgirl decides to help the feline find love. Just the above summary of this story shows how original it is. It sounds like a strange story conceived during a drug trip, but if so this is a great trip. Batgirl #18 cover artBrian Q. Miller's story has originality and is a fun tale. This story may have no effect whatsoever on the DC Universe of even Batgirl, but it's a fun issue to read around Valentine's Day. The chemistry between Steph and Klarion is great and the insults are flying in this issue, more humorous than ever! The only major problem the story has is its failure to explain Klarion's origin. If you've never seen Klarion before, then his home Limbo Town and his familiar Teekyl are all new to you and could use a little more explanation. Since this story is only an issue long it would be hard to tie in these details. The story will come off better to you if you know some of the basics about Klarion and Limbo Town so you are not even more confused through the chaotic story as to who Klarion even is. The art is done by Dustin Nguyen and has mixed results. Part of the comic is drawn in a regular, sub-par manner when Batgirl and Klarion are in Gotham. Sometimes Klarion's face looks pudgy and his eyes are often reduced to two small black dots. It seems like Nguyen was trying to get out of more work by not making every panel as detailed as they should be. The colors in Gotham do not help the art get any better, but with the drastic change in art at the beginning and end of the comic and in Limbo Town the colors and art change for the better. The first and last page of this issue may be the most corny, but they have bright red and pink coloring that really makes this comic feel like a Valentine's Day issue, perfectly setting the mood. Limbo Town has a nicely penciled style that is an improvement over the art in Gotham and really makes it feel like you're in a very different place then Gotham, giving it the classic "looks like we're not in Kansas, Toto" feel. Overall, this issue is very different from all others. The story is original and very funny, a great read during the lovey-dovey season. And while the art is not overall amazing, it does give you a nice contrast between Gotham and Limbo Town. Getting to know Klarion a little better may help enrich the experience, but either way this is just a fun comic that does not try to be a literary masterpiece – it's just trying to have a little fun with the holiday and does a great job. Story - 8.5 Characters - 8.5 Art - 7.0 Colors - 7.0 Overall - 7.8


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