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Batgirl #8 Review

Batgirl is one of my favorite New 52 series out right now. I was excited for this issue because we were going to see more about the Killing Joke in the New 52. The Killing Joke was very important for Batgirl’s character before the New 52 and I love how Gail shows that it is still important in the New 52.

I liked the cover for the issue a lot. The art was great and the concept pretty much explained what was going to happen in the issue. Even though Grotesque was not the biggest part of this issue he was still the main villain for this issue.

In this issue Batgirl finds the henchman who worked with the Joker the night of the Killing Joke. She finds out that it was not the Henchman’s fault, and might of saved Batgirl’s life. We also find out why Barbara’s mother left.

I really loved this issue. We had the chance to learn more about the Killing Joke in the New 52, which I really wanted to see in this issue. There was a really emotional scene in this issue between the henchman and Batgirl. It had to be one of my favorite issues from this series so far.

Something that a lot of people may be happy about is that James Jr. is going to be a big part of this series now. He makes an appearance in this issue that allows the readers to know that he will be sticking around for a while. He was the reason the Gordon family was torn apart and Barbara’s mom left.

I love that this series can tell three stories at once, but not let it feel cluttered. This series reminds me a lot of how television shows tell stories. They can tell three stories at once and in the end it all comes together. I love that Gail is bringing that approach to this series instead of having the villain of the week kind of story being told.

The art for this series is great. It has great action scenes and fit well with all of the characters. The only complaint I have with the art is that Barbara and her mother look too much a like. I hope that they change that for future issues to come.

There were a lot of stories in this issue that were being told that is going to make the next couple of issues very interesting. Pick this issue up. It is one of my favorite issues from this week and is worth spending your money on. You will especially like it if you liked the Killing Joke and James Jr. story in Detective Comics. 



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