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Batgirl Injustice Trailer Released

Footage for the Injustice: Gods Among Us Batgirl DLC character has been released this week.

The trailer, which sees Batgirl and Joker going head to head, shows the female cape crusader wielding a variety of moves including an ability, which sees her, hoping on her bike and running over our maniacal friend.  

The above video also shows off a new set of apparel for Joker, which is apparently based on the costume shown in Alan Moore and Brain Bolland’s widely acclaimed Batman story, Killing Joke.

So far Batgirl is the second DLC character to be released for the game, following in the wake of anti-hero Lobo, an interstellar mercenary of the alien race who first appeared in the comic Omega Man.

Injustice owners can purchase the Batgirl character as part of the season pass, which grants all four of the present and future DLC packs for the price of three. Wii U players however, will have to wait until summer to purchase any additional content for the game.

What do you make of this new addition? Will you be purchasing Batgirl or will you be sticking to the in game roster? Is it fair that Wii U owners have to wait until summer to get access to the games DLC? Let us know your thoughts down below.  


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