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‘Batman: Arkham City’ Box Art Revealed

As the months fall off the calendar, the wait for Batman: Arkham City is getting a little easier. It’s safe to say that almost everyone is eagerly anticipating the game's release this October. Warner Bros. has released a snap of the box art; it’s not much, but when considering the game, anything is better than nothing. They probably could have just released the spine of it and some people would still probably flip their lid over this.

Arkham City is set for release on October 18th on Xbox360, PS3 and PC. So until then, go and get your Batman fix any way you can, replay the still great Arkham Asylum, watch the movies or you could print off this cover and pretend you have the game and are just saving it for October. Just be sure not to miss out on what should be one of the best games of the year.


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