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Batman: Arkham Knight Announced with First Details & Trailer

The rumors were true. A brand new Batman game developed by Rocksteady Studios is real, and it is coming out soon. Batman: Arkham Knight is scheduled for release this fall and is coming to Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC. This is the third Arkham game developed by Rocksteady after the most recent entry, a prequel entitled Batman: Arkham Origins, was developed by Warner Bros Montreal. A new trailer was also released to show off this brand new game. Check it out below.

The most exciting new feature that we know of so far is the drivable Batmobile, a first for the franchise. This is something fans have been crying out for since the first game, as you can't really have Batman without his awesome pair of wheels to drive around in. This means the world should presumably be bigger than ever before as even Arkham City would have felt very small if you can drive around everywhere. Hopefully streets will feel more alive now as in the past it did feel quite like a ghost town when you weren't staying high in the sky to traverse the city.

This is apparently the end of the story that Rocksteady wants to tell though this is nowadays nothing more than a marketing ploy really. As long as these games keep selling, Warner Bros will keep making them with or without Rocksteady. Villains confirmed so far are Scarecrow, Harley Quinn, Penguin and Two-Face. Pre-ordering the game will also give you access to play as Harley Quinn, similar to who players got access to Catwoman in Arkham City.
Seeing as most of the previous rumors turned out to be true it is worth noting that October 14th is the day being thrown around right now as the exact release date. This could be just an educated guess as it ties in perfectly to when the previous games were released and makes sense so even if it isn't that exact date, it won't be too far from it. We will hear more about this sequel such as how will the Batmobile play a vital part and whether or not the core combat remains the same as it has seen throughout the series in the upcoming issue of Game Informer. Hopefully we will get to see gameplay soon, at E3 perhaps, but this is already shaping up to be a must have game for the new consoles.


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