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Batman Inc. # 1

Short Version

In a sea of Bat-Titles this one stands out as actually being good! Morrison and Paquette make a strong team as they return Bruce to his living form.

Long Version

Bruce is back, but this seems to be one of the few titles he’ll be starring in which is sure to send the other Bat-Titles into a sales slump. It’s… interesting having two Batman’s but unlike the path Marvel chose with Captain America, DC has taken a different approach.

Batman… well that doesn’t work anymore. World Batman (Bruce Wayne) is heading out on his new mission to create and train a Batman for every city. Dick will remain as Gotham’s Batman, while Bruce travels the globe interviewing and taking applications from other superheroes.  His first stop is Japan to recruit a crime fighter named Mr. Unknown.

Batman Inc # 1The problem is that he and Catwoman (his new Robin?) arrive too late and Mr. Unknown is dead having met his end at the hands of Mighty Lord Death Man. I shit you not, that is his name. After some banter and travel they track down Mr. Unknown’s assistant only to find him facing a trap Mighty Lord Death Man has set for him using his girlfriend as bait.

This whole story sounds ridiculous when you have to boil it down to its core, but it is in fact a really good story. It’s refreshing to have Bruce back and have him playing the role of the arrogant hero that always manages to be one step ahead of everyone else. So much of Morrison’s Batman run has been Bruce figuring out what’s happened, rather than being in front of the mystery.

This is by far the best Batman book Morrison has written in a long while. Although he has good intentions with the characters, he’s never felt like the right writer for the job. This title has at least started off on the right foot with a promising future.

Yanick Paquette’s art for the book is good. The entire issue looks good, but Batman just doesn’t look like Batman. The new suit is hardly noticeable and theres really no way of telling which Batman you’re looking if the story doesn’t tell you. Catwoman on the other hand is detailed and beautiful. Yanick really took his time in drawing her both in and out of the costume, but the same cannot be said for Bruce. I still really liked the art and compared to a lot of “Bat-art” that’s been put out by DC lately, this finds its way to the top of the pile.

This is the jumping on point for readers that have strayed away from Batman, but that are looking to pick up the series again. Forget Batman and Robin, forget Batman pick this title up if you’re looking for a fun and somewhat mysterious Bat-Title. If Dick’s not your Batman and you’ve been waiting for Bruce’s return… then here it is.

Story – 8.5

Plot – 9.0

Characters – 8.5

Pencils – 8.0

Inks/Color – 8.5

Overall – 8.5



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