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Batman, The Dark Knight Of The World

With all six-issues of Return Of Bruce Wayne completed. Grant Morrison has revealed the story of Bruce coming back from five time lines, and finally arriving in modern times. Now since this event is over do you know what got Bruce Wayne to this point? Well now is your chance to get the inside news on Bruce; going from Dark Knight Of Gotham City, to Dark Knight of the World!

All of this started in Grant Morrison’ s Batman R.I.P., Batman #676. When Bruce was about to battle the insane criminal Dr. Hurt, he was going to destroy Bruce’s entire legacy that he has created over the years. When you think of Dr. Hurt you think of two things: 1) Dr. Hurt has an insane criminal mind like Batman’s other greatest opponent, the Joker. Dr. Hurt will go to great lengths to corrupt Batman and make him fall into madness. However, the Dark Knight has been training his mind for years to never cross the line. 2) Hurt is almost the dark reflection of Batman. While he constantly tries to convince Bruce that he is Thomas Wayne back from the dead, he can also be Bruce’s dark reflection in a cracked mirror.

 https://www.entertainmentfuse.com/images/Batman681-058.jpgAs the story continued to unravel as Jezebel Jet spoke the secret word “Zur-En-Arrh” making Bruce pass out. Jezebel was revealed as an agent of Dr. Hurt, which her mission was to get in Bruce’s head to make him eventually question certain things in his life. Dr. Hurt (years ago) planted a post hypnotic trigger that would make Bruce pass out if the word,  Zur-En-Arrh, was spoken! With Bruce knocked out, Dr. Hurt drugged him to see a dead homeless guy named Honor Jackson. To add to the mix, Grant Morrison added the Dark Knight from the planet “Zur-En-Arrh”. The Zur-En-Arrh Batman was first seen (and last seen) in Batman #113 of 1958. It turns out that Zur-En-Arrh Batman only happens when Bruce’s mind goes through serious stress and turmoil and also when the phrase is spoken.

While this is occurring Commissioner Gordon takes it upon himself to check out Bruce Wayne’s mansion. When he gets into trouble, Damian Wayne and his mother Talia come to save him. While reading this readers get the question that pops up in their mind “does Jim Gordon know that Bruce Wayne is Batman”? He’s been in the mansion and seen the mysterious death trap that Dr. Hurt left for trespassers, so did Jim actually solve the mystery? Only time will tell. Anyway, Bruce tries to save Jezebel, but once again is tricked into falling into a trap set by the Joker. Batman eventually finds himself out of the Zur-En-Arrh suit and back in his normal Bat suit. He and Dick (yes he also got captured an issue earlier), they both work together to take out the bad guys.

https://www.entertainmentfuse.com/images/Batman_701_Legion_CPS_033.jpgThrough-and-through, Batman gained his sanity back which lead to a battle with Dr. Hurt himself. When Bruce attacked Dr. Hurt’s escape helicopter, both fell deep into Gotham Bay. At the end of Batman #681, Dick Grayson is holding Bruce’s cape and cowl thinking about Gotham and Batman. Battle for the cowl occurs and Gotham City falls into madness. To sum what has happened in BFTC (Battle For The Cowl), Black Mask destroys Arkham Asylum and frees all of its inmates. With him controlling all of Gotham, Jason Todd returns as the Batman. Not upholding what Bruce stands for, he carries guns and grenades and isn’t afraid to kill! When Tim talks to Dick about stepping up and becoming Batman. Originally, Dick wouldn’t become Batman because only Bruce could be Batman. However, Jason Todd removing all of the scum in Gotham becomes a bigger threat than Black Mask. So Tim instead becomes a temporary Batman and looks for Jason’s bat-cave.

Eventually Dick becomes Batman, while Gotham is going down the drain. Grant Morrison’s missing chapters for Batman R.I.P. become real. Batman the Missing chapter takes place between BFTC #2 and some of the events of Final Crisis. Batman eventually takes on Darkseid and saves the world by mortally wounding Darkseid. Darkseid (in return) shoots Batman into the past and thus the Return Of Bruce Wayne!

Now that you know how Bruce came from the past to modern times, you can now enjoy the adventures of Batman’s current story lines! With the Dark Knight’s new legacy beginning these events aren’t going to be something you’re not going to want to miss!


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