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Batman: The Return – Review

Before Batman Incorporated officially starts; this issue will send it off! As Bruce has beaten time and death, he will begin a career against crime that goes worldwide! Batman Incorporated will train different men and women to become protectors of different areas in the world. So with Bruce the mastermind or the ultimate Batman, he will be monitoring every Batman or officer that upholds his rules. Amazing artist David Finch joins writer Grant Morrison in Batman’s preliminary steps before the Batman Inc story line.

Have you ever wanted a awesome artist like David Finch, Adam Hughes, J. Scott Campbell, or anyone else that just draws comic covers actually draw interior artwork? Well now is a perfect time for being a Batman fan because artist David Finch is drawing the interior artwork! As most know, David Finch will be writing and drawing a monthly Batman series that is set to release in December of 2010 so this is just the tip of the iceberg for his artwork.

https://www.entertainmentfuse.com/images/Batman - The Return 031.jpgIn Batman: The Return, Bruce is setting up his worldwide operation to stop crime all over the world! With him in control of everything, Bruce will have different men and women operating in many different countries fighting the good fight. The first few pages of this comic tells a short story about a “Bat” as an omen for Bruce Wayne’s eventual career to come! It soon jumps to the action as we see David Finch’s Bruce Wayne in his new Bat-suit. David Finch’s interior artwork in this one-shot issue is above superb! His artwork in Batman #700 was great, however readers would only get to see a couple of pages with his art. However, seeing a extra jam-packed comic with his artwork is totally worth $5.00. Anyway, Grant Morrison has set out a grand plan for Batman Inc as we find out that Oracle will be in control of Internet 3.0, which more news was released as she was in a blueprint of being able to walk! Other than that, Damian will be working with Dick instead of Bruce and the game has finally begun for Batman Inc.

There is an important aspect of this story that stands out. The big part being Batman having a huge world corporation and the second being the characters that connect in this story. For example, Damian encountered a mercenary guy that had a bat like mask. The part that stands out is that this guy knows Damian, however Damian doesn’t know him! So could this be the guy that Damian sold his soul to?

Grant Morrison is one of the best Batman writers and creators in the business today. He’s created original stories of aspects in Batman’s life that have (at times) never been looked at before. Batman Inc might seem to some people a rip off of Batmen of All nations. However, I think it’s totally original. Batman organizing a team to stop crime over all of the Earth sounds like a big feat, but if anyone can do it Batman can! Grant is one of the best Batman writers to this date and I can’t wait to see what he’s going to do with Batman next!

David Finch, does he really need an introduction? He’s done a bat-cave load of artwork for DC Comics, Marvel and Top Cow, but his most modern and awesome artwork today hasn’t been used on a regular bases for interior artwork in comics. Now, that he’s finally doing interior artwork for Batman this is the best time to see great artwork by David. BATT and Ryan Winn’s inks are really great. The dark inking on Batman makes the colors (by Peter Steigerwald) stand out.

Batman: The Return is a good jumping on point for new readers. With Batman back and better than ever before, Batman Incorporated starts in Grant Morrison’s first issue. Overall 10 out of 10!

Story - 10.0

Plot – 10.0

Art – 10.0

Color – 10.0

Overall – 10.0



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