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Batman v Superman defies expectations and sets box office record

"Batman v Superman sails past competition to $454 million worldwide box office opening"
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice debuted to a record setting March opening of 170.1 million in North America, making the fourth best comic book adaptation behind Marvel’s The Avengers (207.4 million), Avengers : Age of Ultron (191.3 million) and Iron Man 3 ( 174.1 million), according to the Hollywood Reporter. BATMAN-V-SUPERMAN-14 Overseas it grossed $254 million from a total of 66 markets giving it a global debut of $424 million, making it the top debut for a superhero movie adaption worldwide. The real question now is how well the movie will hold up in its second weekend. With bad word of mouth, poor reviews from critics, and a 29% rotten tomatoes score, it defied expectations by having a strong opening weekend. trinity-1 “The opening weekend of Batman V Superman was always going to be critic proof-this is a film for fans of all ages of the iconic comic book characters, “ says box-office analyst Jeff Bock. “However the key element here is the successive weekends, which will likely suffer greatly. As it stands, Batman v. Superman will likely drop like a rock in its second weekend. Easter was golden for Batman v. Superman, but the aftermath might be rotten eggs. Positive reviews would have eased the drop”.  


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