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Battlefield 3 Extended Trailer Impressions

EA has recently released a full 12 minute trailer of all the gameplay from the Fault Line demo. This is, essentially, a compilation of all of the Fault Line episodes, with more gameplay in between each. There are still cuts, but they are far less significant than before. All the previous Fault Line episodes added up to a time of around 9 minutes, while this extended trailer adds about 2 and a half minutes in total.

It doesn’t seem like a lot of time, but those two and a half minutes give the gameplay a substantial gain in pacing. It’s intense, to be sure, but there are lots of moments where you’re allowed to let the war atmosphere sink in. That makes the moments where battles begin that much more potent. 

Right now, Battlefield 3 looks incredible, and not just graphically. The gameplay is very much the same as it is in any other military shooter today, but the setting, the authenticity of the combat, and the realism of the scenarios are impressive. The graphics do add to this feeling of immersion and realism, but the entire design of the game, from this demo, is riding the line between realism and fun, pitch-perfectly.  Look here for more preview coverage in the months ahead, and our review after the release of Battlefield 3 in Fall 2011.  


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