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Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Detailed

EA have been after the Call of Duty market for quite a few years now and while their previous attempts to dethrone Activision's ten pound gorilla haven't been complete failures, so far they've been unsuccessful for the most part. EA and DICE are looking to change that with highly anticipated Battlefield 3 and give gamers a ton of new info about their upcoming shooter at E3 this year.

While many gamers know that Battlefield 3 is going to use DICE's Frostbyte 2 Engine, not too many have seen exactly what improvements this engine has over the one used in last year's Bad Company 2. For those people, DICE and EA have put together a tech demo that shows you just how Battlefield 3 will push your system to new levels. Check it out below-

While the tech demo is very impressive, EA's gameplay demo at their press conference truly showed how all the new tech in the engine comes together to give you a more advanced and realistic Battlefield experience than ever before.

DICE also gave details on the social element of Battlefield 3's multiplayer which is called Battlelog. Battlelog will feature numerous stat tracking functions which EA and DICE are pushing as a counterattack on Activision's Call of Duty: Elite service. As part of that, Battlelog will be free to buyers of Battlefield 3.

Lastly, EA announced that gamers would be able to try out the game's multiplayer during the open and multiplatform beta for the game in September. More details on the beta are expected to be released soon.


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