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Battlefield 3’s Armored Kill DLC Dated

DICE have revealed the specific release date for their highly anticipated DLC pack Armored Kill. With several different ‘groupings’ to consider there are a lot of dates given, check them out below.

Let’s get right down to it:

Battlefield 3 Premium Members                PS3                                         September 4th
Battlefield 3 Premium Members                Xbox 360 and PC                    September 11th
Battlefield 3 Players                                 PS3                                         September 18th
Battlefield 3 Players                                 Xbox 360 and PC                    September 25th

As per Sony’s deal with EA the PlayStation 3 gamers will be able to download the pack a week before those on the other platforms. Of course, those with a Premium account will, as promised, receive the content two weeks before those without, giving them a chance to wise up before the rest of the community tag along.

Following the overtly Call of Duty-esque style of the Close Quarters DLC (and associated fan disappointment), Armored Kill represents Battlefield at its best, with all out vehicle combat on a vast scale. With 4 new large maps (including the biggest in Battlefield history), a new Tank Superiority game mode and all new vehicles with the AC-130 taking the spotlight, it’s not hard to see why this one piece of content has attracted so much attention.

So it looks like September is going to be an exciting month for those who have stuck it out with Battlefield 3, or for those looking to return to the stellar multiplayer segment of the game. Check back at Player Affinity for more on Battlefield 3: Armored Kill. You can check out the official Armored Kill site with the release dates here.



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