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Battlefield 4 Beta Confirmed

After a bit of a slip-up by DICE the other day (a pre-order advert for Medal of Honor Warfighter said that you can get the 'Battlefield 4 Beta' if you do so. The advert was then deleted), DICE have confirmed just that. In a new trailer focusing on Medal of Honor Warfighter's multi-player mode, one of the devs mentions at the beginning that if you're pre-ordering the game, you will indeed get your mits for the latest instalment in the Battlefield series, practically confirming Battlefield 4. I have to say, I'm slightly bummed. I think many of us were looking for a Battlefield Bad Company 3, and to be honest, this pre-order incentive just seems like a bit of a scam. From what we've seen of the new Medal of Honor so far, it's not been the most impressive content and looks far too similar to other FPS's and even Medal of Honor (2010) to be even slightly innovative. Thus, EA think the only way to get people to buy the game is to slap on a beta of a series that thousands of people love and play day after day.

It's all very cool if you want more Battlefield, but we either wanted a new Bad Company, or a half-decent Medal of Honor game.


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