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Battlefield: Back To Karland Set For December Release

Battlefield fans have been waiting to go Back to Karkland since the DLC was announced prior to the release of Battlefield 3 and EA and DICE have released a bunch of new info and a gameplay video for the upcoming expansion pack/DLC. Check it out below:

Back to Kirkland is the first DLC Map Pack for Battlefield 3 and aims to reintroduce four maps from Battlefield 2. The maps in question are Strike at Karkland, Gulf of Oman, Sharqi Peninsula and Wake Island. As well as new maps, the DLC is also going to add some new weapons, vehicles and achievements to the game's multiplayer. 

The trailer itself shows off Battlefield's intense team-based first person shooter gameplay across the new maps that the DLC offers. Also featured are some of the new weapons and vehicles in action.

The DLC is set to come out in December and according to the trailer, PS3 players will be getting a one week lead on the other platforms in terms of access to the DLC. Also, if you grabbed the limited edition of the game or pre-ordered, then the DLC won't cost you a cent. Otherwise, Back to Karkland is going to cost you $15 when it releases in December.


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