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Battlefield Play 4 Free Release Date Set

The honestly, completely, really truly free version of the Battlefield franchise is almost here.  After months in beta, this new game which combines elements from Battlefield 2, Bad Company, and Battlefield Heroes is almost here, and players who participated in the beta test are getting early access plus special "Veteran Rewards" for their work in the beta.

Battlefield Play 4 Free takes maps and vehicles from Modern Combat, adds in the weapons from Bad Company and uses the class system of the other Free-to-play game, Battlefield Heroes.  It provides an authentic Battlefield experience in an online, multiplayer-only game which should satisfy your flag-taking needs until Battlefield 3 comes out this Fall

The game is available to the public as of Monday April 4th, but "Veterans" who joined up during the beta have total access to the final build of the game as of now.   Not only that, but veterans have been sent unlock codes for enhanced versions of of some of the weapons in the game, including one for each of the four classes:  An MP7 submachine gun, a PKM heavy gun, the Mk2 sniper rifle, and the M16A2.  You can sign up for the game and download the client at the Battlefield Play 4 Free website.


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