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Battlestar Galactica Free MMO Now In Open Beta

We mentioned a few times in the past, that there’s a Free-to-Play online game based on the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica.  It was in closed beta the last time we checked in itht he game, so details were scarce.  However, as of today, everyone who is curious can log in and give the game a shot for free in the open beta test.

If you missed our preview, BSG: Online is a space combat game with a bit of MMO as well. Players can choose to join either the colonists (Humans), or the Cylons (A bunch of Frakkin’ Toasters), and battle it out in PVE, or PVP combat.  You’ll level, up, gain upgrades for your ship, and new skills for your pilot.
The game is developed by Bigpoint who have a good track record in this sort of game.  It runs on the Unity engine which is some sort of dark sorcery that lets you play games with 3-D graphics right on your web browser.  It works with just about any browser and macintosh too.  BSG: Online doesn’t require an install either, so it’s also workplace friendly.

It’s just started up, so expect the servers to be a bit bloated, and the game to still have some bugs, but it’s running now for all to enjoy.  You can register an account and log into the game at BSG: O’s website.


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