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Battlestar Star Confirmed for Dexter!

After weeks of speculation over who would join Showtime’s lovable serial killer on-screen this fall, the list has finally been completed a couple days ago. A few weeks ago Colin Hanks was confirmed as having joined the cast coming fresh of the back of his short-lived stint on Fox’s The Good Guys. Last week, MC-turned-oddly-voiced-actor Mos Def (real name Dante Smith) joined the show, and today, the commander/admiral of Battlestar Galactica has thrown himself into the mix as well. 

Edward James Olmos – a man who couldn’t command the screen much more if he were an actual admiral – is touted to be playing “a brilliant, charismatic professor of religious studies.” Any real plot details remain entirely elusive, but as the show heads into production May 25th, information about the real involvement of Olmos, Hanks and/or Smith’s characters in the story is sure to be coming to us soon. 

With what is supposedly a teaser trailer for the sixth season already on the internet (it shows nothing but footage from seasons one through four), we can only hope that Showtime gets their act together and gives us all something to get excited for come this fall. That being said, if Michael C. Hall, Edward James Olmos and the writing staff over at Dexter haven’t gotten you sufficiently hyped already, maybe you need to reassess a thing or two.


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